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  • Independence
  • Ecological
  • Responsible
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    This is the place for Critical Mass - Boston and
    Critical Mass - Ithaca information.

    CARfree! is Independence.
    CARfree! is Ecologically Responsible.
    CARfree! is Socially Responsible.
    CARfree! is Economical.
    CARfree! is Healthy.

    April 5th is Worldwide Car Free day!

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  • CARfree! Boston
  • Car free city
  • Reclaim The Streets
  • CarFree Ottawa


  • Moving the Economy - An upcoming sustainable transportation conference in Toronto July 9-12, 1998.
  • A good essay by Mark Dempsey
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  • Pittsburgh Critical Mass
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  • Critical Mass Times -- Spring 1998
  • USAToday Article on Critical Mass
  • The Critical Mass Worldwide Web Wheel

    Oxymorons: Revenue Service, Military Intelligence and Sierra Club Bumper Sticker.

    "For people to act, too often we must substitute catastrophe for imagination." Bernard Hyatt (Inc Magazine)

    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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