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America's Walking City

  • Take the T, and make a difference

    Things you can do to make a difference;

  • Call local officials if Traffic and/or pedestrian signals are out of order or don't work as they should.
  • Inform the Traffic Department or the Police of cars parked illegaly, such as those that block crosswalks or sidewalks.
  • Keep your sidewalks shoveled.
  • Lobby your politicians to extend the hours of public transit.

    Things I do that I wouldn't reccomend to others;

  • Walk ontop of cars that block crosswalks.
  • Claim your place on the street.

    The top ten pedestrian un-friendly intersections (beleive me, there are many more than that)

    1. Sulivan Square
    2. Kenmore Square
    3. New Chardon St. & Congress St. (Haymarket)
    4. Columbus Ave. & Arlington St. (Park Plaza)
    5. Providence St. & Charles St. (Park Plaza)
    6. Cleveland Circle
    7. Boylston St. & Park Dr. (The Fenway)
    8. Porter Sq.
    9. Commonwealth Ave. & BU Bridge
    10. Congress St. at City Hall / Fanueil Hall (Site of the proposed pedestrian overpass)

    Have a question on how to survive in Boston without a car, post a message on the Read or add an entry to the CARfree! forum and I'll get back to you.
    It can be done! I've lived in Boston for seven years without a car. I've worked all over the city and have only had to use taxi cabs late at night. There really is no reason to bring a car into the city, you can either take the T or walk pretty much anywhere you could ever want to go.

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